What is Web Design?

Web design involves planning, creating, and maintaining websites. It also includes construction of information, website structure, user experience, user interface, and ergonomics. All of these roles involve critical thinking and when combined together form a website. Design is usually believed to be just a visual thing. When in fact, there are a lot of factors that go into play when thinking up a website design. Your designer has to process how the users are going to interact with the site and understand where they will look for certain items called call to actions. A good web designer will understand how ergonomics, navigation logic, user interface, and user experience work together to make your site simple for users to navigate.

web design

There is a technical side to web design that involves coding. Now a days, a good web designer should know HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Javascript, CGI, JQuery and more in order to create an interactive website.

What Do I Need For My Website?

In order to get a basic website up and running, you need website hosting and a domain name. Website hosting can be paid monthly or per year. With us, web hosting starts at $9.00/month. Web hosting servers allow users to make their website available to the public eye. Every web hosting plan has a certain amount of space for bandwidth and disk space. This works similar to a USB drive, you have an allotted amount of space for your files, databases, software, and custom e-mail addresses.

A domain name is the .com, .net, .org name for your business. You can connect this name to your web hosting account and make your site live on that domain name from there.

Our web hosting service allows you to install site builder software that will allow you to setup a site within minutes on a content management system. With a couple clicks, you can get a FREE theme for your site, insert text, images, and more.

USA Net Solutions offers custom website design for blogs, businesses, and individuals in the United States. Contact us at (877) 427-7370 for more information. View our portfolio for designs made by our company.