Product design is the act of creating a product that will be sold by a company to customers. There are many roles that make up product design. By understanding each role, you can understand how they work together and what a product designer can create.

product design

UX Design Role

User experience designers research different ways an app might solve an established user need. UX Designers can formulate and emphasize solutions faster and easier than most. This role takes a lot of critical thinking and skill.


Visual/Graphic Design Role

Graphic or visual designers create images with Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and other graphic design software to  create beautiful works of art with color. All the while, working with balance and depth to achieve a satisfactory design.



Prototype designers create responsive designs that help bring the design into the developmental phase. For example, a Prototyper will take the visual design and transfer it into another software to create an interactive design that will show the developer and client how the design will function. Prototypes make the development phase faster and are more cost effective.

Data Analysts

Data Analysts test the product with a method called A/B testing. They test live products that will review and collect large amounts of data to make reports that will determine if the product is good to go.

User Researchers

User researchers work directly with the target audience to find out what works best for the product. They do a lot of research on the product, their own testing, and get into the users’ mind to find out what the users’ needs are. This works best to find out what the product is lacking. After all, the user is always right.

Motion or Animation Designers

Motion and animation designers are the ones who create the awesome effects and interactions you see. Whether its the way your favorite video character moves or the interactive motion an image does when you hover over it, this is the motion designer’s role.

Business Strategists

Last but not least, Business strategists are usually the leader of a company or organization. They are responsible for managing the direction of a company or product in order to make sure there is business value behind each and every decision.

Product Design Experts

These are all imperative roles of an expert product or industrial designer. A good product designer will know a bit of each role and will be able to see your product through from start to finish. They will know how and when to sketch and create wireframes, drawings, and visual designs in order to create prototypes for testing. He or she will use research and data to test their hypothesis and create solutions that will solve user problems.

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