Living Color Shop

Living Color Shop is a custom design created by USA Net Solutions. Our client wanted an e-commerce website with an eye-catching design that's SEO friendly. This domain has a great page rank and is ranking very well on search engines. We were hired to boost our clients ROI, traffic, user engagement, and reduce this site's [...]

Living Color

Living Color is a custom design we developed for a huge corporation in South Florida. This design is definitely one of our favorites. This site has a lot of content and an overall, clean look and feel that works very well with this site. It’s always great to work with high quality images that will enhance your brand. We [...]

Tropical Laser of Pines | USA Net Solutions

Tropical Laser Pines was designed and developed by USA Net Solutions. Our team loves this project because our client gave us full creative leeway to design as we please. Our client wanted us to give the site a tropical, feminine vibe to attract her target audience. This site has a lot of interactive features and [...]

Warp Speed Labs

We developed this site with the Bootstrap framework and HTML5/CSS3 animation. It's responsive and interactive on all devices. It's also cross-browser compatible. It was a pleasure working on this site. After all, we love to create interactive web design and applications. This was a challenge to design and develop. The design phase takes a lot of planning [...]

Blanco Furniture

Blanco Furniture is a theme we developed for an e-commerce shopping cart company. This design is one of our favorites. The designers thought it would be best to stick with a grey and white look throughout the entire site because of of the images used in this design. It gave an overall, clean look and feel [...]

Pearl Island Yachts

Pearl Island Yachts is another theme we've designed for an e-commerce shopping cart company. Shopping cart companies buy and employ designers to create custom themes for their software. Ever look at the themes on Go Daddy or Shopify? That's pretty much what we're into. If we're not designing for our clients, we will create designs [...]

Elegant Interiors

Elegant Interiors is another website design we created using a more of a brown tone. This design is one of our favorites because of the beautiful modern furniture and entertainment centers. This is a perfect website example for a furniture store. It's clean, modern feel, and use of accent colors definitely sets a nice tone. [...]

Got Sprouts

Got Sprouts is an awesome website design we created for a wheat grass supplier in West Palm Beach, FL. This design has an awesome vibe and absolutely fits in with the client's target audience. They were looking for something that goes well with their brand. This website is an excellent example for a company that [...]

Fashion Junkee

Fashion Junkee was an absolute pleasure to design. We got to work with one of the pickiest and detailed clients we've ever worked with, but it turned out to be such a masterpiece. Our client was absolutely in love with the design when we completed it. We were absolutely happy to meet her needs and [...]

Luxury Living

Luxury Living was one of the first themes we created for an e-commerce shopping cart software company. This design was made in 2014. It has awesome images and the design isn't half bad. This is one of the oldies, but it's a beauty nonetheless. We used a ton of great images, patterns, and a light [...]