Project Description

We developed this site with the Bootstrap framework and HTML5/CSS3 animation. It’s responsive and interactive on all devices. It’s also cross-browser compatible. It was a pleasure working on this site. After all, we love to create interactive web design and applications. This was a challenge to design and develop. The design phase takes a lot of planning for something like this. Thus, it’s not easy to think of the elements and the way they will animate. At first, we started out with a wireframe. After careful planning, we figured out how to display minimal content in a creative way.

HTML5/CSS3 Coding

We love to make eye-catching website designs and this project was something we loved working on. If you’re open to something modern with awesome interactivity, we’re the experts! Our client absolutely loved the work we did on this site. Unlike most of work, this site is not e-commerce and was not developed on a content management system. It’s a custom coded HTML5/CSS3 website. It took a lot to develop this and make it seamlessly responsive.Interactive web design takes a lot of thought process. However, our client has no need to update this site himself and prefers to leave it to the experts.

Interactive Web Design

This is a perfect example of a futuristic and modern design. We love to create interactive, eye-catching SEO website designs. Our portfolio has a wide variety of interactive web designs. Our interactive web designs are made with a variety of languages; PHP, Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and more. Most importantly, a lot of time and effort goes into interactive web design. If you’re looking for an interactive, modern website design you may contact us for more information at (877) 427-7370. We’re the experts! Visit our portfolio for more interactive website design examples. We look forward to assisting you with your new website.