Ever thought of how much planning actually goes into designing a website? Well, It’s not all that easy. Especially when you look at what it takes to create an awesome UI/UX design for an app or a website. If you’re looking to hire a UI/UX Designer, you’ll need quality work that’s done right. It’s best to hire a quality designer to work on your project part-time or full-time. With us, you’re looking at a cost of $35-45/hour, but it’s worth it. The most important part of your website, will be it’s design. If people don’t have something compelling to look at, chances are they won’t be so intrigued, and they’ll bounce right off of your website. It’s important to keep this in mind when you hire a UI/UX designer. If you want quality work done, get it done right. Hire the experts that know what’s best from start to finish.

The Importance of Wireframes

Wireframes are important when it comes to planning the user interface and user experience of an application or website. It’s important to know what elements will be there, where they’re placed, and how users will navigate your website. Most of all, this makes the design process much easier. In fact, we use Balsamiq software to create clean wireframes to plan our custom website designs and applications. Well, this software is great because it easily allows us to drag and drop elements with just the right amount of detail to envision how the website will function from start to finish before we go into design. Moreover, it saves so much time!

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UI Design Process

We design websites with Photoshop and Illustrator to create stunning, high quality images that capture the user’s interest. After the visual designs are complete, a prototype is made to tie all the pages together to preview how the website will function. This helps the client and the developer to see exactly how the site will work from start to finish. It’s much easier to make updates on the prototype and visual designs than it is to make the updates on the live site. Then, once the live site is developed, it’s coded. Thus, the developer will have to make a lot of changes to the code to make updates vs just fixing the visual design or prototype.

Here is a website that we are working on the UI/UX for. This is just an example small example of what it takes to create a complex website or app with many functions.

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Hire a UI/UX Designer from USA Net Solutions

Looking to hire a UI/UX Designer? Well, we can help you find what you’re looking for. Call us today at (877) 427-7370 for more information about our UI/UX Designers and hiring process. We’ll help you find what you need for your business. With your input and our expertise, we can help you reach your business goals!